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Our objective is to promote friendship between women of all nationalities living in Gascony, SW France, to share our interests and to offer help when needed. The Club started in 2008, with twenty English ladies living in Gascony, using a foreign language and experiencing a new life. Since then, several different groups have been added and our membership has grown into the hundreds, with new ladies moving to the area and ladies who have lived here a while, who have discovered us, who want to make new acquaintances and discover new areas of interest. Today we have eleven nationalities, and our speaking/working language is English. The GLC meets on the second Tuesday of each month, excluding July and August.Every member receives an email each month, giving the name of the restaurant, the chosen, menu and a booking form. In 2014, we became a non-profit making Association, known as Ladies Lunch Club de l’Armagnac and was re-named in 2019 to Gascogne Ladies Club. Our annual subscription fee of 10 € is payable in January each year. Each member of the Club may participate in some or all of our various groups

Sunday, 31 December 2017

Happy New Year 2018

We wish all our members of the Ladies Lunch Club de l'Armagnac 
and their family and friends a wonderful vital and 
Happy New Year 2018   

LLC member filmclub in Fleurance

A new filmclub in Fleurance:

If any LLC members would like to be informed about upcoming films, they can send me an email at susan.brissaud@wanadoo.fr 

and I will put them on the mailing list. 

The cinema in Fleurance in about to launch a regular rendez vous featuring recent films in English (with French subtitles).

The first film is going to be the star studded version of Agatha Christie's famous Poiret mystery, "Murder on the Orient Express". 

Some of our most wonderful English actors (Kenneth Branagh, Judi Dench, Derek Jacobi) are performing in it alongside a clutch of Hollywood film stars (Michele Pfeiffer, Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz). The BBC proclaims that "First class steam travel has never seemed more glamorous. Its worth buying a ticket just to savour the alpine scenery, gleaming art deco fittings, foot tapping jazz and mouth watering catering," while the Guardian says "It's classic Branagh: sweeping landscapes, thundering score, capital A acting."
Showing at the Grand Angle Fleurance on Thursday 18th January at 5.30 pm.

The following Thursday 25th, also at 5.30pm, there will be a chance to see the "icily brilliant" (Guardian) Christopher Plummer playing John Paul Getty in "All the Money in the World", a thrillerised account of the true story of the kidnapping of Getty's grandson, Paul, and the chaos that was unleased when Getty, despite being a billionaire, refused to pay the ransom. The Guardian and the Telegraph have given it four stars!

The cinema is also showing "The Battle of the Sexes" on Monday 8th January at 8.30 pm. This is a thrilling film about the famous tennis match of 1973 between Billie Jean King and the "male chauvinstic pig" (in his own words) Bobby Riggs. It's also about Billie Jean King's love life. 

Again, the Guardian and the Telegraph have both awarded four stars to the film, which is directed by the duo that produced Little Miss Sunshine (Jonathon Dayton and Valerie Faris).
I think this initiative is a wonderful opportunity for us to get to see some of the latest film releases in vo. 

If any members would like to be informed about upcoming films, they can send me an email at susan.brissaud@wanadoo.fr and I will put them on the mailing list. 
Following the first two screenings, the cinema is going to try to get films as they come out, so if there are any films members of the Ladies Lunch Club (and their friends and husbands!) particularly want to see, they can let me know and I'll pass the word on (under consideration for the moment are Phantom Thread and Film Stars don't die in Manchester and perhaps Darkest Hour, the acclaimed new film about Churchill).

The cinema is also hoping that the public, both French and English, will hang around afterwards and chat to each other and that it will become a friendly social event, possibly with an apéritif after the film from time to time. They are very open to feedback, so any suggestions you may have are more than welcome. 
Many thanks in advance for your help in spreading the word. 

Best wishes for 2018,Susan Brissaud

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Sign up for LLC Annual General Meeting and January 2018 Lunch with Ladies Lunch Club de l’Armagnac

Tuesday 9th January 2018
Salle de Fetes – 32800 Réans

Dear Ladies,
Our 2018 Annual General Meeting will take place in the Salle de Fetes at 32800 Réans, on 
Tuesday the 9th of January
Coffee will be offered from 10.45 am and the Meeting will start promptly at 11.00 a.m.

An Agenda for the Meeting have been sent in email to members and so were the  Minutes of the 2017 AGM. Copies of the minutes will be circulated on the day.  
We will ask for your approval on the day by a show of hands of those present.

Election of new Committee:
Carol Scott will be standing down as President and in her place, Margaretha Liddell-Grainger has been nominated as President and Janet Jones as Secretary. 
Riet Smulders will remain as Treasurer.  

In accordance with the Constitution of the Club, a decision will be taken by a simple majority vote of the members present.  The new Committee will then have the power to co-opt one or more additional members, as necessary.
A.O.B.  (Any Other Business):  Under this heading, we welcome your suggestions and ideas on how we can continue to offer all our Members a choice of interesting activities and any other points you would like to raise.  
If you are unable to attend but have something to offer please e-mail the Committee at the above address.

The Meeting will be followed by our normal Lunch which will be prepared and served by Michelle Chavenon and Dagmar Bunnemann, two of our Members.  
The cost of the lunch is 18 euro, which includes the wine and coffee.  
A Booking Form was attached to member email. If you have difficulties in submitting the form please send an email giving your choices to lunchclubgascogne@gmail.com.

MENU 18 Euro 

Punch Planteur/ Planter's Punch
Verrines à la Courgette/ Courgette Verrines
Chips de légumes/ Vegetable Crisps
 Cocktail sans alcool/ Non-alcoholic Cocktail
 Velouté de Champignons, Chantilly au Piment d’Espelette et Croûtons
Cream of Mushroom Soup with Espelette Red Peppers and Croutons
Méli-mélo de Poissons en Papillotes
Fish Meli-Melo en Papillotes (Paper Packets)


Emincé de Filet mignon sauté au Miel et aux Epices
Filet Mignon Flavoured with Honey and Spices
Brocolis, Riz thaï/ Brocolli, Thai Rice
Verrines de Panna cota, Mousse au chocolat et Délice de fruits rouges
Pannacotta, Chocolate Mousse and Red Fruit Delight Verrines
Vin blanc, vin rouge/ White and Red Wine
Café à la fin du repas/ Coffee
3rd OF JANUARY 2018

Membership Renewal Forms will be handed out to those who haven't received it with the member email. 
Please bring €10 (cash or cheque made payable to Ladies Lunch Club de l’Armagnac) membership fee or send membership forms and cheques to the LLC Secretary by post.

The deadline for subscriptions is the end of February (unless you have made a prior arrangement.) 
If you have any problems, please contact the Secretary, lunchclubgascogne@gmail.com. 
To ease organisation of signing in and up:
Please bring your membership form and 10 Euros in a one envelope with your name on it.
Please bring the money for the lunch in a separate envelope with your name on it.   
Please do not forget your name tag. 

We look forward to seeing you on the 9th January, 2018.

Best Wishes for a merry christmas 
and a happy New Year to you all, 
the LLC committee

Friday, 8 December 2017

LLC bookclub meeting December 14th 2017

Our last book club meeting of the year 2017 

The Festive One, is next Thursday 14 December.
Special Christmas time of 3.30pm

Image result for photo christmas books

Please bring your favourite Christmas reading, if you have one, and a little plate of snacks/sweet or savoury, or a bottle of fizz.

I have Jo’s selection of books for the January 2018 meeting which I have printed below.  Have a look at them and we can then choose the book on Thursday.

I have actually opted for 4 books; two by women and two by men.  Books written by incredibly intrepid travellers, both through life and through adventure. Tales of Derring-do and “gung-honess” (is there such a word?). I have enjoyed them immensely – hope the bookclub also enjoys.
 Jo B x They are:

Jupiter's Travels -Ted Simon's astonishing 4 year motorbike journey around the world 
The book that inspired Ewan McGregor's Long Way Round 

Jupiter's TravelsIn the late 1970s Ted Simon set off on a Triumph and rode 63,000 miles over four years through fifty-four countries in a journey that took him around the world. Through breakdowns, prison, war, revolutions, disasters and a Californian commune, he travelled into the depths of fear and reached the heights of euphoria. 
He met astonishing people and was treated as a spy, a welcome stranger and even a god. For Simon the trip became a journey into his own soul, and for many others - including bikers Charley Boorman and Ewan McGrergor - it provides an inspiration they will never forget. 
Brought up in England by a German mother and a Romanian father, Ted Simon found himself impelled by an insatiable desire to explore the world. It led him to abandon an early scientific career in favour of journalism, and he has worked for several newspapers and magazines on Fleet Street and elsewhere. Ted Simon is also the author of Riding Home and The Gypsy in Me.

A fascinating story about one man's perilous journey across the Atlantic in a tiny open dinghy, to prove his theories that castaways could survive on only fish (from whose insides a certain amount of fresh water is procured), plankton, rainwater and a small amount of seawater. Dr Bombard was influenced by the Kon-Tiki expedition of 1947, but unlike that famous voyage, Bombard's trip is now largely forgotten, though it caused a sensation at the time in 1952.

Paula McLain – Circling the Sun 
Beryl wrote a book about her trans-Atlantic flight called “West with the Night?” which was heralded by Hemingway, is available online.
Circling the SunAs a young girl, Beryl Markham was brought to Kenya from Britain by parents dreaming of a new life. For her mother the dream quickly turned sour, and she returned home; Beryl was brought up by her father, who switched between indulgence and heavy-handed authority, allowing her first to run wild on their farm then incarcerating her in the classroom. 
The scourge of governesses and a serial absconder from boarding school, by the age of 16 Beryl had been catapulted into a disastrous marriage - but it was in facing up to this reality that she took charge of her own destiny. 
Scandalizing high society with her errant behaviour, she left her husband and became the first woman ever to hold a professional racehorse trainer's licence. After falling in with the notoriously hedonistic and gin-soaked Happy Valley set, Beryl soon became embroiled in a complex love triangle with the writer Karen Blixen and big-game hunter Denys Finch Hatton (immortalized in Blixen's memoir Out of Africa). 
It was this unhappy affair which set tragedy in motion while awakening Beryl to her truest self and to her fate: to fly.

Just a Little Run Around the World: 5 Years, 3 Packs of Wolves and 53 Pairs of ShoesAfter her husband died of cancer, 57-year-old Rosie set off to run around the world, raising money in memory of the man she loved. Followed by wolves, knocked down by a bus, confronted by bears, chased by a naked man with a gun and stranded with severe frostbite, Rosie's breathtaking 20,000-mile solo journey is as gripping as it is inspiring. Rosie's solo run around the world started out of sorrow and heartache and a wish to turn something around. 
Heartbroken when she lost her husband to cancer, Rosie set off from Wales with nothing but a small backpack of food and equipment, and funded by the rent from her little cottage. So began her epic 5-year journey that would take her 20,000 miles around the world, crossing Europe, Russia, Asia, Alaska, North America, Greenland, Iceland, and back into the UK. 
On a good day she'd run 30 miles, on a bad day she'd only manage 500 yards, digging herself out of the snow at -62 degrees C, moving her cart inches at a time. Every inch, every mile, was a triumph, a celebration of life, and 53 pairs of shoes later Rosie arrived home to jubilant crowds in Tenby, Wales.

Remember, Book Club is always on the 3rd Thursday of the month. All meetings, unless notified, are at Pam’s at 2.30.

For more information about any of the above or our next meeting and venue, please contact:
LLC secretary: lunchclubgascogne(at)gmail.com
or you join the blog here:

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Ladies Lunch Club de l'Armagnac.

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