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Our objective is to promote friendship between women of all nationalities living in Gascony, SW France, to share our interests and to offer help when needed. The Club started in 2008, with twenty English ladies living in Gascony, using a foreign language and experiencing a new life. Since then, several different groups have been added and our membership has grown into the hundreds, with new ladies moving to the area and ladies who have lived here a while, who have discovered us, who want to make new acquaintances and discover new areas of interest. Today we have eleven nationalities, and our speaking/working language is English. The GLC meets on the second Tuesday of each month, excluding July and August.Every member receives an email each month, giving the name of the restaurant, the chosen, menu and a booking form. In 2014, we became a non-profit making Association, known as Ladies Lunch Club de l’Armagnac and was re-named in 2019 to Gascogne Ladies Club. Our annual subscription fee of 10 € is payable in January each year. Each member of the Club may participate in some or all of our various groups

Saturday, 30 April 2016

LLC Knitting group “There is love in every stitch”

Everything made by the Knitting Group  is made from donated materials, and their motto is 
“There is love in every stitch”.
The Knitters meet regularly at 

The knitting group are continuing to knit for the Salvation Army, who currently need hand-knitted garments for HMP Bronzefield, Ilford Homeless Project, Ilford Baby Bank and the Lovelight Project in Eastern Europe. 
All items are delivered personally to the Salvation Army by Marion to ensure safe arrival, no costs involved.

Marion showed the meeting a wonderful 
Thank You card from the Salvation Army and a wonderful selection of knitted garments.  

Photos of these to update the Blog.

Marion further advised us that one member has started to collect second-hand clothes to donate, but that costs were involved in sending these items.  

It was agreed that the LLC Committee will give every alternate month’s raffle proceeds to Marion for these costs.  
Marion will look into whether the Salvation Army has a collection point in France. (In case someone can be of help here? please contact us)

If you do have any unused and spare wool which you no longer want and would like to donate to this group, please bring it along with you to the LLC lunch. Thank you.

For meeting dates please and more information 

about any of the above, please contact Ladieslunchclub secretary:

or you join the blog here:
(click on this link if you want regular info)

Thursday, 28 April 2016

LLC garden group meeting May 2016

Dear Gardeners, 

First of all Pat and I would like to welcome our new members to the Garden Group and look forward to meeting you at the next outing. 
We meet on the first Thursday of every month in the afternoon, mostly to view interesting gardens although during the winter months we also organise other garden related activities. We hope you will enjoy being members of this group.

For the second month running we have had to change the date of our outing - this time because of a bank holiday on the Thursday !

Our next outing will therefore take place on WEDNESDAY 4th MAY 

We will be visiting the wonderful garden of  
Renée Boy-Faget, Le Jardin d’Entêoulet, 32550 Lasseube-Propre

We will meet in the car park at 14.30h.

This 2 hectare garden has been entirely created by Renée & was voted “Le jardin préféré des français” in 2014

Présentation du jardin

I would be most grateful if you could all let me know as soon as possible if you will be attending - if we have 20 people Renée will give us a guided tour

There is an entrance fee of 7€ if we are more than 10 people.

Pat & I will look forward to seeing you on the 4th. As always car-sharing is recommended. Tea & cake will be served after the visit.

Lasseube-Propre is south of Auch on the road to Pavie, after a few kilometres you will see the right turn to the village. Go into the village, it's set below the church, you will easily see it laid out, and the car park.

For more information about any of the above or our next meeting and venue, please contact:

LLC secretary: lunchclubgascogne(at)gmail.com
or you join the blog here:
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facebook page (see widget on the blog)
Ladies Lunch Club de l'Armagnac.

come to the Ladies Luncheon on every 2d Tuesday per month or you join the blog here:

follow by email 
(click on this link if you want regular info)

We would like to get your suggestions for garden visits. 
Please let us know if you have ideas or wishes. Also let us know who would like to host one of the meetings of the garden group. 

Monday, 25 April 2016

Sign up for 2016 May Lunch with Ladies Lunch Club de l’Armagnac

Dear Ladies,

It is with great pleasure that the Committee invites you LLC members to our 

10th May 2016 lunch at 12 noon

at the

Place du 4 Septembre, 
32240 Estang

Please complete the emailed Booking Form to let us know that you wish to attend.  
If you are unable to submit the Form please send us an email to: lunchclubgascogne@gmail.com

Deadline for places is 2nd May, so please hurry! 

There is a small car park opposite the hotel.  It may be a good idea to organise car sharing with other members.

Please note that there is NOT a separate vegetarian menu this month - if you have a problem with an item on the menu please contact us separately in plenty of time.

MENU 17 €

Feuilleté d'Asperges
Flaky pastry with Asparagus


Pavé de Thon aux Petits Légumes
Tuna filet with small vegetables


Bavarois Fraises
Strawberry cream


Café, the infusion et vin inclus
Wine, coffee and tea included

Your cheque for 17 euros should be made payable to Ladies Lunch Club de l'Armagnac and put into an envelope with your name on it.  
Please remember to wear your name badge.  
A list of members who have booked will be emailed in due course.

Looking forward to seeing you all on 10th May.

Best wishes from
The Committee

For more information about any activities or our next meeting and venue, please contact:

LLC secretary: lunchclubgascogne(at)gmail.com
or you join the blog here:
follow by email (click on this link if you want regular info) or our
facebook page (see widget on the blog)
Ladies Lunch Club de l'Armagnac.

The Ladies Club meets on every 2d Tuesday per month (except July and August)

Saturday, 23 April 2016

The Gersabelles - LLC choir

Afficher l'image d'origine

The Gersabelles 
was founded and led by Sue Treeby until September 2015 when she returned to the UK. 

However the Gersabelles continues under able  the leadership of Val Ashplant.

We welcome new members,especially "middles" and altos.
Don’t worry if you think you can’t sing! 
Enthusiasm is more important!

We meet on Wednesday mornings, 
in the room above the cinema in Nogaro.

For more information please contact:
Ladieslunchclub secretary at lunchclubgascogne(at)gmail.com

Afficher l'image d'origine

We are still looking for a volunteer (male or female) to play the piano at our singing sessions.

If you are able to help, or know of someone who might, please contact LLC secretary at lunchclubgascogne(at)gmail.com

Saturday, 16 April 2016

LLC April 2016 bookclub meeting

LLC Bookclub - What's next? 

Just a reminder about the April meeting which is coming up next week. We will be discussing Ginster’s choice of book, 
Next meeting is on 

Thursday April 21st 2.30 pm
Housekeeping by Marilyn Robinson  (GM)

See original image

Housekeeping is the story of Ruth and her younger sister, Lucille, who grow up haphazardly, first under the care of their competent grandmother, then of two comically bumbling great-aunts, and finally of Sylvie, the eccentric and remote sister of their dead mother. The family house is in the small town of Fingerbone on a glacial lake in the Far West, the same lake where their grandfather died in a spectacular train wreck and their mother drove off a cliff to her death. It is a town "chastened by an outsized landscape and extravagant weather, and chastened again by an awareness that the whole of human history had occurred elsewhere." 
Ruth and Lucille's struggle toward adulthood beautifully illuminates the price of loss and survival, and the dangerous and deep undertow of transience.

All meetings, unless notified, are at Pam’s at 2.30.
Ginster’s list of questions have been emailed to the bookclub members 

For the next bookclub meeting on May 19th:  
2 books were chosen by Ann P and Nellie:
1, Lucia, Lucia by Adriana Trigiani 

2. A Desert in Bohemia  Jill Paton Walsh


The June book has been chosen by Paula who will be back by then, June 16th. 
Here is some info on the book below.


Paula comments: “I was not able to put down Michelle de Kretser’s book Questions of Travel when I found it in my local second hand book shop.
When I read it, I thought, the LLC group would like to know this book, and I believe that there would be good discussion.
It does have violence, but it is in the context of devastation that leads to a migrant’s path, and this is why I think that it is so suitable a theme for now and what our world is facing in the displacement of lives and events that shape destinies. 
Michelle de Kretser was born in Sri Lanka and now lives in Australia.   Her book Questions of Travel won the Australian Prime Ministers Award in 2013 as well as the literary Miles Franklin award.
I found it a very moving book of great literary standard.  I’m glancing at the back cover right now and quote Hilary Mantel
“I so much admire Michelle de Kreser’s formidable technique - her characters feel alive, and she can create a sweeping narrative which encompasses years, and yet still retain the sharp, almost hallucinatory detail.  It’s brilliant.”" 
Jackie will be choosing the July book, and may have my selection ready by Thursday.
Hope to see as many of you as possible on Thursday.

For more information about any of the above or our next meeting and venue, please contact:
LLC secretary: lunchclubgascogne(at)gmail.com
or you join the blog here:
follow by email (click on this link if you want regular info) or our
facebook page (see widget on the blog)
Ladies Lunch Club de l'Armagnac.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

For Exponants of ART&NATURE Exhibition on Sunday 17th April 2016

Dear LLC members,

Martine from APR Rèans, organizer of the ART&NATURE Exhibition on Sunday, requests

all exposants to go to Réans 
between 2-3pm on Saturday 
to set up the stalls/stands

because it might be too far to travel then 
Sunday 9 -9.30am the latest as doors open at 10 am.

All other members we invite to come and see our

10.00 – 18.00
at Salles de fetes in Réans.

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