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Our objective is to promote friendship between women of all nationalities living in Gascony, SW France, to share our interests and to offer help when needed. The Club started in 2008, with twenty English ladies living in Gascony, using a foreign language and experiencing a new life. Since then, several different groups have been added and our membership has grown into the hundreds, with new ladies moving to the area and ladies who have lived here a while, who have discovered us, who want to make new acquaintances and discover new areas of interest. Today we have eleven nationalities, and our speaking/working language is English. The GLC meets on the second Tuesday of each month, excluding July and August.Every member receives an email each month, giving the name of the restaurant, the chosen, menu and a booking form. In 2014, we became a non-profit making Association, known as Ladies Lunch Club de l’Armagnac and was re-named in 2019 to Gascogne Ladies Club. Our annual subscription fee of 10 € is payable in January each year. Each member of the Club may participate in some or all of our various groups

Walking Group 2018

This is the newest activity for the GLC which eventually got off the ground in July 2018 due to an unusually very wet spring.  It is open to all GLC members; their partners and dogs are also welcome.

Our aim is to walk a new walk once a month (usually the first/second Friday in the month) and re-walk the previous month's walk for those that couldn't make it (usually the following Wednesday).  We usually start about 10.00 am during the summer months and then migrate to the afternoons in the winter months to take advantage of the warmer winter days!  This is relaxed walking for pleasure to enjoy the beautiful Gers countryside and is not intended as a competitive hike - sometimes we talk more than we walk!!  The locations are varied so that the group can experience different areas of our region.  They are always circular and relatively easy to moderate.  Maps and directions both in English and French (where possible) are provided.

Summary of all 2018 walks for the year

  • Ju Belloc (8 kms)
  • Sabazan (7 kms)
  • Blaziert (10 kms)
  • Valence-sir-Baise (12 kms)
  • Bazian (5 kms & 11.5 kms)
  • Caupenne d'Armagac (11.5 kms)

July 18 - Ju Belloc (8 kms)

Our first walk was at Ju Belloc near Plaisance which was an 8 km easy circular walk which started/ended in the nature reserve.

We walked through the donkey sanctuary but alas no donkeys!  We then skirted along the River Adour following the Greenwich Meridian Line.  We turned off towards Belloc and then travelled back northwards parallel to the D173 on footpaths towards our starting point.  We saw some pretty flora and fauna as we passed through ancient woodlands and saw the ancient 'lavoir' and mill near Ju Belloc.

August - Sabazan (7 kms)

The second walk was a 7 kms easy circular walk from Sabazan, near Aignan.

Sabazan is a pretty little village with its half moat which dominates the valley of the Midour.  On our walk, we had excellent views of the valley and the Pyrenees (if they were out!)  We passed by the lovely old 15th century church of St John the Baptist (some of the inside is classified 13th century) and also some of the vineyards of St Mont.  I believe wine tasting is available at the Chateau and winery.  We also passed close by to the Palmeraie de Sarthou which are interesting gardens to visit with 'surprises'!!

September - Blaziert (10 kms)

Our third walk was a 10kms circular walk starting at Blaziert, near Condom.

Blaziert is a very pretty hill-top village with '4 Fleuri' rating and has excellent surrounding views of the Gers countryside.  The walk was graded as easy but was slightly more challenging with a couple of steepish inclines.  It has its unique 'cadran solaire' with its large sundial on the meridian line.  The walk was varied and we passed through ancient woodlands, lakes and vineyards and also beneath Chateau de Mons with its fine history.

October - Valence-sur-Baise (12 kms)

Our fourth walk was 12 kms circular walk starting at the interesting Cistercian Abbey de Flaran near Valence-sur-Baise.

The walk took us through ancient woodlands and to the ancient lock of Graziac and then we continued up towards the village of Herret (village fleuri) with its aerodrome.  There are fabulous views of the Gers countryside on the ridge just outside the village.  We then continued back towards the Abbey with more far-reaching views of Valence with its towers and distant chateaux.

November - Bazian (5kms and 11.5 kms)

There is a choice of TWO walks on this occasion - the morning walk is about 5kms - an easy circular walk and the afternoon walk is longer at 11.5 kms - a moderate circular walk.  

Bazian is an interesting medieval village with its dominant chateau.  It is situated on the D174 (just off the D34 Vic Fezensac/Montesquiou road.  Both walks off fantastic panoramic views across the Valleys of the Guirou and l'Auzone.  The shorter walk passes old ruins including ancient mills and gives a flavour for the longer walk.

The longer walk passes through the ancient Touzan forest; a peppered landscape with an abundance of ancient windmills (some in ruins) with jaw-dropping panoramic views along the ridge before returning on the old ancient road - now a track - back into Bazian village.  The conical ancient mills had sails that could rotate depending on the wind direction - like a tree.  They were a sign of wealth for the area during that epoch as were the chateaux.

December - Caupenne d'Armagnac (11.5kms)

Our last walk for 2018 took place on Friday 28th December.  It was a moderate circular walk of 11.5 kms (with a variant of 8 kms) starting at the small village of Caupenne d'Armagnac which is located about 5 kms from Nogaro.

We walked past the church and the ancient 'lavoir' following a small lane.  Heading up towards the tracks, we passed a very large 'wetland' nature reserve which wasn't at all wet so unfortunately no migrating birds to see but it is possible to walk-around!

This was fairly flat walking (unusual for the Gers!) and we did see distant views of the Nogaro aerodrome and racing circuit en route.  We continued northerly towards Salles d'Armagnac and once we had crossed the Midou we did start to climb and then we made our way back to Caupenne.

At least we might have lost a few kilos from all the indulgent xmas food!  

If you would like to participate in any of these walks and are not a member of the Walking Group, please email

and your name will be added to the mailing list for any future walks.  Partners and dogs are welcomed into the Group and directions/maps will be emailed to you.

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