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Our objective is to promote friendship between women of all nationalities living in Gascony, SW France, to share our interests and to offer help when needed. The Club started in 2008, with twenty English ladies living in Gascony, using a foreign language and experiencing a new life. Since then, several different groups have been added and our membership has grown into the hundreds, with new ladies moving to the area and ladies who have lived here a while, who have discovered us, who want to make new acquaintances and discover new areas of interest. Today we have eleven nationalities, and our speaking/working language is English. The GLC meets on the second Tuesday of each month, excluding July and August.Every member receives an email each month, giving the name of the restaurant, the chosen, menu and a booking form. In 2014, we became a non-profit making Association, known as Ladies Lunch Club de l’Armagnac and was re-named in 2019 to Gascogne Ladies Club. Our annual subscription fee of 10 € is payable in January each year. Each member of the Club may participate in some or all of our various groups

Walking Group 2019

This is the newest activity for the GLC which eventually got off the ground in July 2018 due to an unusually very wet spring.  It is open to all GLC members; their partners and dogs are also welcome.

Our aim is to walk a new walk once a month (usually the first/second Friday in the month) and re-walk the previous month's walk for those that couldn't make it (usually the following Wednesday).  We usually start about 10.00 am during the summer months and then migrate to the afternoons in the winter months to take advantage of the warmer winter days!  This is relaxed walking for pleasure to enjoy the beautiful Gers countryside and is not intended as a competitive hike - sometimes we talk more than we walk!!  The locations are varied so that the group can experience different areas of our region.  They are always circular and relatively easy to moderate.  Maps and directions both in English and French (where possible) are provided.

Summary of all 2019 walks so far.

  • Sos (8 kms)
  • Lagraulet (12 kms with variants)
  • Aignan/Gellenave/Termes (6k/5k/5 kms)
  • Vic Fezensac (10.5 kms & 7.5 kms)
  • Castera Verduzan (8 kms & 5.5 kms)
  • Montesquiou (13 kms - variant 4.5 kms)
  • Lavardens (10 kms - variant 5 kms)
  • Montestruc-sur-Gers (11.5kms/6.5kms)
  • Larressingle/Vopillon (5kms+2kms+6.5kms)

January - Sos (8 kms)

Our first walk of the New Year took place at Sos (just over the border in the Lot and Garonne department located between Gabarret and Poudenas) on Friday 4th January.  It was an easy 8kms circular walk mainly on tracks with not too many hills!  We met up in the main square outside the Post Office.  From the village square, we passed by the 'Marie' and then the cemetery before heading out towards the countryside.  The walk took us through a pretty wooded environment following a stream (now dry) and out onto an easy, clean track.  We double-backed on ourselves on the D109 (unfortunately there was no cut-through!) and then headed towards the hamlet of 'St Martin' before joining the D109 again and walking back into Sos.

February - Lagraulet (12 kms with 2 variants)

Our February walk started from the pretty hill-top village of Lagraulet which is located between Montreal-du-Gers and Gondrin.

The longer walk was 12 kms; Variant (1) was about 8 kms and Variant (2) was about 10kms.  The walk took us into the Gers countryside with some outstanding views passing through two hamlets and by two mills and a lot of friendly horses!  But, to get back into  Lagraulet, there was a steep incline at the end!  Variant (1) did NOT use this route back into the village and was therefore much easier.  The longer walk took us about 3.5 hours and was 70%/30% tracks/lanes.

We stopped for lunch at a 'luxury' hide en-route before crossing the 'voie verte' into ancient woodlands following a pretty stream and continuing uphill to the hamlet of Nautuc.

March-Aignan(6k)/Gellenave (5k)/Termes (5k)

For our March walk, we did a series of 3 circular walks very close to each other and the theme is 'lakes and forest'.  The dogs loved them and we did too!  None are very long and most of the walks are on woodland trails.  We met at the Aignan lake for the start of the first walk.

1.  Aignan - 6 kms (Estimated time < 2h)

This walk took us from the lake of Aignan through the pretty forest and out on a ridge where we had fantastic views of both Aignan and Sabazan.  This was also a good place for our picnic lunch.  There is a café but it was not be open out of season.

2Bouzon-Gellenave - 5 kms 

(Estimated time 1.5h - start time 14.00h)

Just up the road from Aignan off the D48 lies Gellenave.  We followed a pretty forest trail below the church of St Go and up to the sweet chapel of Bouzonnet.  We then cut through the vineyards with more splendid views of Sabazan and the Aignan ridge where we have just left!

3.  Termes d'Armagnac - 5 kms 

(Estimated time 1.5h - start time 16.00h)

Just up the road from Bouzon-Gellenave again on the D48 is Termes d'Armagnac.  It is known for its medieval festival/enactments in July.  From the medieval chateau/tower, we followed a track across fields into the woodlands and continued along another ridge with fabulous views before returning back to the village.

These are 3 separate walks and we will have to drive between them but you do have a choice to do any or all of them.  I would suggest that you bring something to eat if you are planning on all 3!

May - Vic Fezensac - 10.5 kms and 7.5 kms

Pleasant countryside walk with some vistas -  This was scheduled for the morning and started at 11.00 am.  This was a moderate circular walk of 10.5kms heading northwards out from Vic into the countryside using tracks but there was some on-road walking in quiet lanes.  There was also a variant of
7 kms on this walk with very good views which cuts through the middle!  There were distant views of the village of Gimat with its chateau. A pretty walk with many species of orchids along the way.

Riverside/countryside walk - This moderate circular walk of 7.5 kms started at 14.30 and we headed out to the east of Vic towards the River Osse which we tracked for about 2 kms.  We then continued north turning towards Marambat with its impressive church and pretty pond.  We then continued south back towards Vic along a ridge with some excellent views.

June - Castera Verduzan (8 kms & 5.5 kms)

Castera Verduzan is famed for its casino and thermal spa.

This was a moderately easy circular walk which started at 10.30 and are departure point was behind the marie.  We continued along a track parallel to the main D930 (Condom/Auch) road which we then crossed to continue up to Old Castera - a pretty hamlet with its ancient church and impressive views. We then continued into the countryside (more good views) and passed through the hamlets of Peyrouau and Mounouat before heading back towards the centre of Castera.

The afternoon walk started at 14.30 and we headed out towards the old hamlet of Verduzan.  Before the village, we turned off and continued our walk through the fields and skirted around the few houses en route - lots of wild orchids.  We then mounted a steep incline to be rewarded with more spectacular views of Old Verduzan/Comte and Old Castera in the distance.  We then continued past the ancient windmill (being restored) along the ridge and down to the hamlet of Comte before returning to our starting point.

July - Montesquiou-(13 kms/variant 4.5 kms)

The walk started at 10.30 am from the pretty village of Montesquiou.  We chose to walk the shorter variant route as the weather was getting hotter! We passed through the very ancient porte (one of the oldest in the Gers) into the main street taking us through the village and continued past the Auberge (very good food) to walk part of the Compostello route which we re-joined later.  We continued through a little hamlet and then downhill with good views of the Pyrenees back to the Compostello route and then back into the village.

August - Lavardens (10 kms/variant 5 kms)

The walk started at the interesting hill-top village of Lavardens with is dominant Chateau and church which can be seen from much of the walk.  We headed out west of the village into the countryside and up to the Chateau d'Eau with splendid views in amongst the sunflower fields.  We then walked back towards the village and continued uphill heading east and out towards the Chapel of St Marie and the ancient twin moulins with more excellent views.  We then continued along the valley of la Guzerde and headed back towards Lavardens passing the old lavoir en route with its picnic area before returning to the village.

September - Montestruc-sur-Gers 
(11.5 kms/variant 6.5 kms)

This walk starts in the medieval village of Montestruc-sur-Gers with its ancient tower of Guet and typical Gascogne houses and continues uphill to the ridge with good views.  The walk is mainly track (80/20 roads) and we pass ancient forest (Carmail) and follow the track for about 4.5 kms north towards Fleurance before turning off towards the old church of Lagarde.  We then start heading southwards where we can see the Hammeau des Etoiles with its fine visitor centre, telescope and planetary dome which dominates the landscape for quite a distance.  We continue to the hamlet of Tustet before returning back towards Montestruc.

Larressingle (5kms)/Pont d'Artigues 
(2 kms)/Vopillon (6.5kms)

Our October walk started in the 13th century fortified hilltop village of Larressingle which is ranked amongst the 'most beautiful villages in France' also known as 'Petite Carcassonne' with its interesting and extensive history.

From the village, we passed by the 'Cite of Medieval Machines' (used in enactments) and headed onto a track leading us away from the village passing by a lake en route through the shady woods.  We then picked up the 'Compostello' route (from Condom) and continued on this uphill shady track to the crossroads (fantastic panoramic views) and then downhill towards the 'Pont d'Artigues'.  A famous bridge builts in the 12th century over the River Osse protected by UNESCO (since 1998) and crossed by many pilgrims over the centuries.  Restoration has recently been completed in 2016.

The second part of this walk was a continuation onto Vopillon; a tiny village to the south-west of Larressingle.  This countryside walk goes into ancient woodlands and onto the 'voie de verte' VTT cycle track before returning back into the village and
re-tracing our route back to Larressingle.

If you would like to participate in any of these walks or similar walks - please email

and your name will be added to the mailing list for any future walks.  Partners and dogs are welcomed into the Group and directions/maps will be emailed to you.

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