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Our objective is to promote friendship between women of all nationalities living in Gascony, SW France, to share our interests and to offer help when needed. The Club started in 2008, with twenty English ladies living in Gascony, using a foreign language and experiencing a new life. Since then, several different groups have been added and our membership has grown into the hundreds, with new ladies moving to the area and ladies who have lived here a while, who have discovered us, who want to make new acquaintances and discover new areas of interest. Today we have eleven nationalities, and our speaking/working language is English. The GLC meets on the second Tuesday of each month, excluding July and August.Every member receives an email each month, giving the name of the restaurant, the chosen, menu and a booking form. In 2014, we became a non-profit making Association, known as Ladies Lunch Club de l’Armagnac and was re-named in 2019 to Gascogne Ladies Club. Our annual subscription fee of 10 € is payable in January each year. Each member of the Club may participate in some or all of our various groups

Monday, 22 July 2013

Bookclub meeting July 2013 - outlook for August and September 2013

LLC Bookclub - What's next? 

We are meeting in August on 
Wednesday 14th August  at 6pm

for aperos and to discuss 
The Girl who Fell from the Sky by Simon Mawer.

A fascinating blend of fact and fiction, The Girl Who Fell From the Sky, is both an old-fashioned adventure story and a modern exploration of a young woman's growth into adulthood. There is violence and there is love. 

We all agreed to bring a plate of nibbles and several people will be bringing bottles of fizz, or wine, so we can celebrate or commiserate with Pam!  
And say goodbye to and toast Evelyn’s new home.

The Garden of Evening Mists we all agreed was a good read, thank you Caroline – and for the lovely ginger cake! 
July 18th:  
The Garden of Evening Mists by Tan Twan Eng
Garden of Mist
Caroline chose this book to enhance her memories of Malaya which, in this respect, it delivered and more, which appealed to all of us.  The characters, a mix of Chinese, Japanese, English and South African were all interesting and each had a story to tell.  The book is beautifully written with poetic descriptions and has a very calming zen like effect on its readers. There are so many interesting subjects in the book, which we all learnt from such as:  the ‘war’ in Malaysia, Japanese fighter pilots, Tea growing in Malaya, The ancient art of Tattooing, the Boer War, Japanese Garden design and Internment in a Japanese prisoner of war camp.  A moving, powerful and interesting read.

As we have often stressed interest in crime novels, we have chosen to read for 
Thursday 19th September 2013 at 2.45 pm

The Chalk Circle Man by Fred Vargas

"THE CHALK CIRCLE MAN is the very welcome first novel of Vargas' Jean-Baptiste Adamsberg series, the eccentric French series featuring an eccentric French policeman who investigates by intuition and instinct, and arrests people against logic. And always gets his man.

Mysterious chalk circles have started to appear on the streets of Paris. Drawn overnight, they contain increasingly bizarre objects: a pigeon's foot, cigarette lighters, a hat, a doll's head. Are they there to draw attention to discarded rubbish? Or does the artist put the items inside the circles? Is it for amusement, or is it for something more sinister? Adamsberg tends towards the latter option, and, being the man he is, keeps a close eye on the newspaper reports, which treat the circles as a silly practical joke. That is, they do until something far more sinister turns up in one of the blue circles: the body of a woman with her throat cut. Adamsberg's instincts are proved right, and he begins digging into the case in earnest. But his crucial question is: is the blue chalk circle man the killer, or is the killer a clever opportunist who has spotted a great moment to muddy some waters?" 

Jacky will make a cake!

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